Dr. Carlotta Redish: School District Success

front of school building

There are three major elements that I believe must be present for a school district to be successful in meeting the needs of all stakeholders, particularly its students. They are a strong effective leadership, a clearly communicate mission and vision, and strong district and community relations.

I am a servant leader who is fully aware that my power is not only dependent upon the needs and the will of those I serve, but also, the heights that I can take them beyond their expectations. My vision is for continuous improvement, growth, and prosperity for students, faculty, and staff members. To ensure success, district office leadership will support all Principals, in their efforts to be strong leaders, by sustaining a keen awareness and understanding of their school environment in addition to an awareness of issues impacting the district, students, parents, and the total school community.

The first task in supporting the success of a school district is to create an outcome based, expectation driven system, with a clearly communicated mission and vision supported by teachers and administrators who fully understand that our job is not to ask students ‘where’ they come from, but to show them ‘where’ they can go through education.

I cherish relationships and results with students, faculty and staff members, parents, and the community, and I am committed totally to building a sense of community and an environment of trust between my administration, the school board, and other stakeholders. My success in educational leadership is reflective of my ability to influence others through my example and calm persuasion rather than through the exercise of authority or coercion.

Dr. Carlotta Redish